Unless otherwise noted, all
photos on this Website are
by Lisa Ouellette
Historic Photo Gallery  
A Collection of Unique Photographs Taken by Lisa Ouellette

Sacramento Heritage board member Lisa Ouellette has directed her passion for photography
toward Sacramento’s historic structures and their features, creating a unique collection of
photographs.  Some historic photographs as well are featured, and are appropriately credited.  
The collections are intended to dovetail with current and future Sac Heritage
walking tours.  

Click Here to Access the Sac Heritage Photo Collection

Once at Flickr, if you would prefer to see photos of individual buildings, other structures, or
places, simply click on the "
sets" tab.  

a bronze plaque for their  property.  Plaques are manufactured by Franklin Bronze Plaques. Your
plaque will present basic information about the history of the property (see sample above).  Please
note that the purchase price for the plaques will not be tax-deductible.  

Historic Places Grant Program
A Pilot Program of the City of Sacramento and Sacramento Heritage

The Historic Places Grant Program was created by Sacramento Heritage and the City’s Office
of Historic Preservation and approved by the City Council in 2007.  The program funds the
preservation of historic properties, residential and commercial structures in historic
districts,  and other historic sites throughout the City of Sacramento.   Repairing a historic
structure’s deteriorated roof, walls, foundation and other key components can stabilize the
building, prevent weather-related and other damage, and extend the building’s lifespan.  Following
repairs, a well cared-for historic building can continue to be an important part of Sacramento’s
collection of unique older structures.

In 2009, the City of Sacramento and Sacramento
Heritage completed Round 4 of the Historic Places
Grant Program, which is a pilot program the City
Council seeded with $250,000 in grant
funds.  The Historic Places Grant Program provides
grants from $1,000 to $24,999. Grants require a 1:1
match and are awarded on a reimbursement basis.

Work for which the grants are requested must meet the following conditions:     

  • Comply with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for   the Treatment of Historic
  • Be either exterior work, or work that affects the exterior of the structure including
       foundation or structural work, or work on significant publicly-accessible interiors
  • Be completed per the approved project, budget and schedule

Sacramento Heritage and the City of Sacramento continue to explore additional funds and funding
sources in order to maintain this grant program.
Historic Properties Plaque Program
A developing program of the City of Sacramento and Sacramento

Sacramento Heritage has launched a program to officially
recognize designated historic homes and landmarks within the
City of Sacramento.   Click here to skip to the
Plaque Program
Application Page.

Under the program, owners of historic properties designated by
the city as either a Historic Landmark or a Contributing
Resource within an Historic District will be eligible to purchase
Applications are evaluated by a committee of
Sacramento Heritage Board of Directors based on
criteria adopted by the City Council. Properties
eligible for the grant program must be either:

  • A designated City Landmark, or Contributing
    Resource in a designated City Historic      
       District, or
  • Determined eligible as a City Landmark or
    Contributing Resource and a nomination
       application has been submitted.